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Instructions and Scoring

Example Chart



Grey - to be assessed when appropriate
0 - Pink - Tested/Can't Do
1 - Light Color (yellow) - Working on
2 - Dark Color (green) - Mastered

Scoring Instructions

  1. Put the date in the sheet tab name at bottom or note the date on the sheet somewhere
  2. Make a copy of the sheet for each date you run the assessment
  3. Assess between 1x per month and 1x per 6 months, depending on age and speed of skills gained
  4. Plug in the assessed number value (0,1,2) for each applicable skill


The Early Learner Assessment (ELA) tool is not designed to take the place of a diagnosis of a learning disability by a professional nor is it designed to replace services from certified or licensed individuals. This assessment is based on research based methods. It allows a parent or teacher to assess the student and determine where to start teaching.

Making Changes to This Assessment

You are welcome to make changes to this assessment and share it according to Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 licensing as long as Autism Toolbox is attributed using the website

Example: "Early Learner Assessment (ELA) tool made by Autism Toolbox and is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0"

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