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Our Mission

The goal of Autism Toolbox is to build capacity by providing scientifically-based on-line information, assessment tools, and curriculum to parents, teachers, and related personnel that provide direct services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

TEACHERS: Learn how to use effective Direct Instruction curriculum and utilize ABA principles that emphasize the teaching of verbal behavior.

ADMINISTRATORS: Learn how to save money, improve outcomes, and expand your in-house resources by training up local experts.

PARENTS: Learn how to become an integral part of the intervention.

Our short term goals:

  • Offer on-line Parent Guide
  • Offer on-line list of resources sortable by city and resource type
  • Offer on-line assessments and curriculum developed in-house

Our long term goals:

  • Hold trainings in ABA and Direct Instruction
  • Fund-raise for goals above


The corporations' purpose is to provide scientifically-based training to parents, teachers, and other direct service providers; to develop and provide educational programs; to encourage studies in the nature and causes of autism; to promote public awareness of same; and to raise and distribute funds for the purpose of research, education, and assistance to those affected with autism, their parents and those involved in the care and treatment of autistic children.