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2015 Donation Appeal

Dear Friends and Family,

2015 is wrapping up as a great year. Firstly, Parents of Autistic Children of Oregon has been renamed to Autism Toolbox in order represent our global base.

Our free assessment tool is expanding to include social skills. This will be coupled with lessons to be used by parents and teachers. In addition, we are creating early language lessons. Each assessment section and lesson set will be developed and released with your generous gifts.
For 2016, we need your help to continue this work. With your donations we can finish a section of the free online autism early learner assessment tools and continue development of social skills and early language lesson.

It's so true - No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. Your monetary gift to Autism Toolbox helps empower parents and improve the lives of children with disabilities.

With Christmas around the corner, some families are looking at alternatives to gift giving. Why not suggest giving to a nonprofit?

Happy holidays,

Katalin Pusztavari Autism Toolbox, President

How do I donate?
1. Send a check payable to Autism Toolbox, 2913 NW Lincoln Ave, Corvallis, OR 97330
2. Donate on our website at at the top right using a credit card or paypal