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Holiday Thanks

Dear Friends and Family,

This holiday season finds Parents of Autistic Children of Oregon (POAC of Oregon) in good spirits. We have managed to update our Parent Handbook (1), create an initial few lessons for parents of newly diagnosed young children (2), and design and create an Apple iPad Application to teach math facts to struggling students (3).

For 2012, we need your help to continue this work. With your donations we can:

1. Continue developing free online training materials (2)
2. Continue developing an easy to use and collaborate website for creating and field testing curriculum (4)
3. Create a free assessment tool (5)
4. Develop a web support community specific to the training materials, curriculum, and assessment tool that includes submitted questions, audio, and video clips (6)
5. Finish bug fixes and field testing the Apple iPad Application to teach math fact fluency (3)

With Christmas around the corner, some families are looking at alternative gift giving methods. Why not suggest giving to a nonprofit?

Any amount is helpful. All contributions tell the IRS, "Yes! POAC of Oregon should keep its nonprofit status because the public is willing to contribute to something that is needed."

So please join us in building the most progressive educational development and information center in the country. Your gift is about empowering parents and improving the lives of children with disabilities in Oregon.

Thank you, in advance, for your support and generosity.

Most sincerely,

Katalin Pusztavari
Parents of Autistic Children of Oregon, President

Our 2011 Gracious Donors

Matt Hunter (In Kind) $9,450
Margo Schaefer (In Kind) $750
Audrey Meier DeKam (In Kind) $175
Katalin Pusztavari (In Kind) $99
Rachel Melvin $79
Greg Gale $50
Kathy Pusztavari (In Kind) $50
Becky Mitchell (In Kind) $50
Dorothy Ross $30
Dorothy Ross $10
Kathy Pusztavari (In Kind) $10
Rachel Melvin $2