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Looking for Classroom to Test Math Fact iPad App

Are you in Corvallis?
Are you a 3rd-7th grade teacher?
Do you have at least 10 students that need to be fluent in math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)?
Do you have desks with room to store 3 iPads near an electrical outlet?
Are you willing to allow data to be used for research?
Do you have $0 to spend?
Do you have less than 10 minutes to spend on math facts per day?
Can you make time to run this program daily for at least 2 months?
Can each student use this application for 3 minute every day?

Have we got a deal for you!

We have 2-3 iPads, secure methods of storage, and the application. No need for internet.

We supply the iPads, secure the iPads to desks, setup the machines with accounts, train students, and even train you! We will back up the data from the iPads onto a laptop and can email results to you. Names will be obscured (number, first with last initial, etc).

**********poacMath Fact Instructions PDF**********

This iPad only app:

* Tracks student progress based on 1 minute timings and 2 minute practices
* Uses an admin account to set up student accounts and be able to individualize default values for each student. Adjust-ability allows for students to have different start places in operation or set number, shorter or longer timings, recycling of incorrectly answered facts, and number facts to be answered incorrectly
* Allows math facts to be changed to align with curriculum, student needs, or preferences
* Emails or downloads student results into excel or database in .csv format

Practice Mode

* Facts are reciprocated (0+2, 2+0) for quicker learning
* Uses a flexible and effective error correction procedure

Timing Mode

* To pass a set (i.e. 2x3, 3x2, 1x1) student must get 40 correct and only get 2 incorrect in 1 minute (defaults can be changed)
* When passed, student moves to next set (about 26 in each operation)

What to Expect

  1. Teacher/principal will need to sign an agreement with POAC of Oregon. If needed, parent agreements will need to be signed.
  2. No personal information will be used/published, however, scores will be used in research
  3. Individual students can be immediately removed from the research
  4. The teacher can stop the research at anytime
  5. iPads will be installed in the classroom - no internet needed
  6. POAC of Oregon or the teacher will give students expectations of how to use the iPads and application appropriately. This information is scripted.
  7. Students will use the Math Fact iPad for 2 sessions to test their current abilities. This is to see if they improve from one day to the next due to learning how to use the keypad and overall application
  8. Students will then be monitored as they start the program
  9. Each student will need to do one 2 minute practice and one 1 minute timing per day
  10. Teachers can allow students to use iPads for other activities if desired. Favorite apps can be installed at no cost to the teacher if the price is under $10
  11. POAC of Oregon will monitor use but will taper the monitoring as students use the iPad appropriately and efficiently and there are no issues with progress
  12. POAC of Oregon will upload data daily onto a laptop to ensure no data loss and track progress. Some adjustments may need to be made for individual students to ensure progress and success. Teachers will be consulted prior to adjustments.


1. I don't have a whole class, can I participate?

Yes! But I need at least 10 students. If you have less than 10 and want to do your own implementation, I can help you set up your own classroom with your own ipads.

2. I have a whole class with 30 students, can I participate?

Yes! Students will need to be grouped such that there are an equal number using each ipad. Each iPad will have usernames/IDs so that students can log into their own accounts in order to making sharing possible. Students can run through their 2 minute practice and 1 minute timing throughout the day if needed.

3. I want to see the progress for each student, is that possible?

Yes! You can log into each ipad as administrator and look at current student status. There will also be a spreadsheet available to quickly review student detail.

4. I work with special education students, is that OK?

Yes! They will need to understand the basics of the operation they will be working with (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). For instance, to use multiplication, they will need to count by up to 9.

5. Can I have students go through addition at the 4th grade?

It is highly advisable to do multiplication starting at 4th grade, then division, then go back to addition and subtraction. This is because many curriculum sets require some fluency at multiplication and you don't want students to struggle current skills being learned.

6. Can I use this with first grade students?

We won't use your students in the research but we are happy to help setup a classroom. We found that first graders do not have the eye-hand coordination and ability to press buttons to the fluency level needed in order to learn math facts fluently. However, it will help them learn the math facts at a slower pace/fluency level.