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Steps to Field Test the iPad Math Fact App in Your Classroom

OK, so you are interested in the 3 iPads and the math fact fluency building application. You fit the description needed by POAC (see There are several teachers in Corvallis interested so I will need to pick one classroom (I wish I could pick them all). I only have 3 ipads (unless 3 teachers think one iPad can serve their students).

Next steps:

1. Make a meeting with Kathy. Pick 2 different days/times that you are available. This 15 or so minute meeting will show you the application, how it works, and what will be needed, rules of use, and procedures used.

2. Carefully look over the application to ensure it suites your needs. This application doesn't have games, isn't cutesy, and might frustrate some students that are not taught how to use it properly.

3. Show Kathy where the iPads can be placed - the table(s) and outlet(s).

4. Ensure your principal is OK with this.

5. Determine if you need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). An example Memorandum of Understanding for Boys and Girls Club is available at

6. Determine if parents of participating students need to sign an Informed Consent form. See Data to be taken will look like

7. Be willing to give one-time data on yourself and your classroom (Your name, grade, school, grade level of each participating student)

8. Allow Kathy and Chris (the programmer) into the classroom to observe students using the iPads. You, the teacher, or Kathy can teach students how to use the application and iPad appropriately. Kathy has had a background check done through CHS and Chris will get a background check before going into the classroom.

9. Determine if a motivation plan will be needed. If so, design a motivation plan with Kathy to use with students - (eg. Party after x days if everyone runs the program each day).